Introducing the FemTech Focus Lioness

The Lioness symbolizes divine feminine energy, strength, beauty, and fierceness.

For far too long, women have been left out of research and clinical trials. Women are 1.5 times more likely to develop an adverse reaction to prescriptions than men, according to a Northwestern University study. The exclusion of women has its roots dating as far back in history as the women’s suffrage movement in the 1840s. Fast-forward to the 1990s, the National Institute of Health (NIH) office of research on Women’s Health Formed in response to congressional, scientific, and advocacy concerns that a lack of systemic and consistent inclusion of women in NIH-supported clinical research. 

Why are women historically  excluded from research? The most common reason given is that females yielded varied results in research studies than male subjects due to hormonal fluctuations. There is still a need to study the influence of sex and gender on health. Recently, organizations like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have introduced plans to improve the numbers and increase studies done of women across age, race, and ethnicity to be more inclusive. However, it is clear that despite these hard won advancements, much more progress is still needed to advance women’s healthcare. 

FemTech Focus is working to turn the tide by putting women FIRST. And by women, we’re referring to girls, ladies, trans women, non-binary women, menstruators, non-menstruators, etc. We are fighting for YOU. 

Who are we?

FemTech Focus is a non-profit entity empowering the femtech industry through awareness, resources, and opportunity. We define femtech as any technology, service or product that improves women’s health and wellness. This includes addressing illnesses that solely, differently, or disproportionately affect females and/or women. We are determined to make femtech a well-known and recognized industry to the community, investors, and other startup development organizations

In April 2020, FemTech Focus was introduced to the world with the launch of a podcast. The FemTech Focus podcast is the #1 femtech podcast in the world with 4,000+ downloads to date. The FemTech Focus co-founders, Dr.Brittany Barreto and Dr. Julie Hakim, are passionate about  elevating the femtech startup community.. 

We’re Introducing the newly refreshed FemTech Focus branding which includes lioness iconography. The Lioness symbolizes divine feminine energy, strength, beauty, and fierceness.  Like the lioness, FemTech Focus is a major supporter in advancing women’s health & wellness in the global healthcare space.In the wilderness,  the lioness is not just warm and loving but a brave soul who fights to protect. If you look closely you can see the eyes and nose of the lioness resembles the uterus and ovaries.

The roar of the lioness is a call to action. 

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