5 Ways FemTech Can Grow On Clubhouse

Our article “How FemTech Wins Clubhouse and Why You Should Tap In” is the most trafficked webpage on our website. Thank you for reading, and thank you for the support. 

After the article’s release and subsequent syndication in Girl Talk HQ, we received one repeated question: How do FemFans make a splash on Clubhouse?

There are ways to make a striking impression. The FemTech community is buzzing on Clubhouse with active groups, including the FemTech Focus group, hosting regular programming.

The variety of rooms represent overlap and independent factions within FemTech. How do you begin to stand out from the crowd? We got you. 

FemTech Clubhouse Group

Four tips on how we can stand out from the crowd.

#1: Create multiple Clubhouse bios, not just one. 

Create tailored Clubhouse biographies. FemTech comprises several specialties, and you’re allowed to take an interest in more than one space.

Example: If menopause technology and fertility excite you, create two different bios: one with a menopause interest and one with a fertility interest. Before entering a fertility-themed room, refresh your bio with the relevant version. When the folks in the Room review your bio and see your fertility career moves, they know who you are in a specific and targeted context. 

The readapting prevents a long and confusing first impression. You wouldn’t use the same resume being applying to multiple jobs. Customize your bio to avoid a convoluted description that is several scrolls long. 

#2: Avoid lengthy fireside chats

When hosting a FemTech fireside chat, keep the conversation short and allow plenty of time for questions. Unless a “big name” is featured at the fireside chat, rethink the event format. People want to engage, more than listen and observe, on Clubhouse. We’ve asked around, and we know that fireside chats see high Room turnover. Because once people realize a Room is not interactive, they bounce. Think to yourself, “How can we all learn?” when planning your next unforgettable event. 

#3: Make your intent known

Let people know what you want out of the platform. Are you looking for product designers to bring your medical device doodle to life? Do you want to mentor a FemTech start-up? Making your intention known is not cheap or transactional. It helps people categorize “asks and gives.” We cannot help if we do not understand the context. 

#4: Say your name, say your name

Whether it is on a Post It or written on your hand with a Bic, please please please remember to introduce yourself. Open with “My name is [insert name here]. I am in FemTech as a [insert company and title].” A proper introduction flies out the window when you’re nervous on Stage. After your introduction, make your intention known (see #3). Inform people how you fit into FemTech, so they know how to network with you. For example, “Currently, I am focusing on women-centered product design and, in the past, I created [insert widget here].” Brevity is King. Keeping the intro/questions/comments down to two minutes makes you memorable. Audience and Stage members are likely to check out if your “asks and gives” are long and muddy. 

#5: Audio makes content loud and clear

Make a note of the specific topics repeated by those in the Room. Room discussions are often filled with great conversation peppered with responses to questions, riffs on current events, and first-hand experiences.

Repeated topics make for outstanding thought leadership content. Think about it. People who represent multiple parts of the globe, with varying backgrounds, are in a Room to chat about FemTech. When listening to the conversation, write down the viewpoints that resonate with you or the audience. What strikes a chord make be a hot button issue or a previously unconsidered view. Either way, the Room offers content food for thought before rolling out that next blog post. 

More best practices are undoubtedly on the way as FemTech presence continues to grow on Clubhouse. Try the five tips above and let us know what you think. We are excited to hear if you have any suggestions of your own. 

You can join us on Clubhouse twice a week. Thursdays at 2 pm CST, we host Office Hours with our Executive Director, Dr. Brittany Barreto. Fridays at 9 am CST, we host a AMA-style clinic hours session with our Co-Founder Dr. Julie Hakim. 

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