FemTech Focus’ Top 2021 Moments

A lot happens within a year; 2021 proved no different for FemTech Focus. 365 days of campaigns launched, businesses empowered, podcasts recorded with industry leaders, master class events hosted, partnership projects, new hires, and the list goes on. 

We want to acknowledge our team’s unwavering dedication, the international support of FemTech companies, partnerships with start-up accelerators, and charitable sponsors. Here are our top 10 moments from this past year, and, what’s to come in 2022.

  1. Co-released FemTech Landscape 2021 with Coyote Ventures 

Utilizing resources like Crunchbase, we partnered with Coyote Ventures to publish a report on FemTech innovation and investment trends.

FemTech, Brittany Barreto

Key takeaways include: 

  • The women’s health market size is estimated to reach $1.19 trillion globally by 2027.
  • Tio date, there are 105 FemTech company exits with an average exit value of $301 million.
  • The most common subsections of female health (51% of the FemTech startup landscape) include menstruation, maternal health, fertility and sexual wellness.
  • Only 1% of existing FemTech companies address chronic women’s health conditions, despite it being the largest share of the FemTech market ($218 billion).

2. Hosted our First FemTech Summit – We programmed and hosted a multi-day, multi-track online event for FemTech professionals with a keynote address from Jessie Draper, Founding Partner at Halogen Ventures.

3. We celebrated our 100th FemTech Focus Podcast Hosted by Dr. Brittany Barreto episode! This year, we reached 38,000+ downloads in 107 countries worldwide.

Episodes are now available in audio on your favorite podcast platform. And now, select episodes are available in video format on the FemTech Focus YouTube channel.

Thank you to this year’s sponsors: Withum, Dame, Kiasco Research, Evofem, xoAfterglow, and Goodwin Law.

4. Joined the Tickle.Life Network– We kicked off the first months of 2021 by joining Tickle.Life Network, a discovery platform to help individuals with their sexual journey through global wellbeing products and professionals.

4.FemPro Membership Launch – In May, we expanded our online media library to include exclusive content featuring interviews with FemTech leaders and entrepreneurship master classes. Learn from the greats and strengthen your business for just $10/month.

5. Partnership with Crunchbase – Our FemTech Landscape 2021 publication snatched the attention of Crunchbase. And now, we’re their first and only women’s health research partner. We’re developing fresh, not-to-be-missed content for Crunchbase in the new year.

6. Enhanced FemTech Companies and FemTech Exits Resources – We converted our formerly static database FemTech Company Database and FemTech Exits tables into dynamic and accessible Airtables. We regularly update both databases to include up-and-coming businesses.

If you don’t see your FemTech company, let us know!

7. 20+ Major Speaking Engagements – Our multi-talented staff shared their voices and perspectives at multiple FemTech events at Villanova University, the Women in Tech Conference, and HITLab (among others). 

If you are seeking speakers for your 20222 FemTech events, reach out to us at [email protected].

8. Partnered with Coyote Ventures to launch the 6th ever FemTech fund in the world 

9. We launched our end-of-the-year fundraising campaign – On Giving Tuesday, we announced the start of our final fundraising campaign for the year. Through December 31st, if you make a tax-deductible $100+ donation, we give a gift to you.

Contribute to moving women forward by giving back.

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