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FemTech Focus is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded to empower, equip, and bring together healthcare professionals, life-science entrepreneurs, and forward-thinking investors to revolutionize women’s health and wellness.
Co-Founders Dr. Brittany Barreto (left) and Dr. Julie Hakim (right)
Co-Founders Dr. Brittany Barreto (left) and Dr. Julie Hakim (right)

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The FemTech industry lacks early-stage infrastructure such as a centralized FemTech community, market research, industry awareness, founder training, and access to capital. As a result, women and females suffer from inequities in healthcare and wellness globally, which at it worst, results in mortality. We’re here to change that.  FemTech should be universally recognized and respected. Our initiatives are all developed to elevate the industry and empower it to thrive.

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