How to Break into FemTech

So want to work in FemTech, now what?

FemTech Focus empowers and provides resources to grow the FemTech industry as a whole. One of the most common questions we get from FemTech enthusiasts is how to get a job in FemTech. We’ve got the ways to break into FemTech and advance women’s health.

Something we’re incredibly vocal about is how FemTech is NOT a NICHE industry. We define FemTech as any condition that solely, disproportionately or differently affects women, females and girls which includes health issues including  menopause to oncology to cardiovascular disease. 

Next is to figure out which parts of FemTech excites you the most. Are you eager to smash the shame associated with menstrual hygiene? Are you interested in filling the research gap for medicine and drugs that have yet to be tested on women? You can start learning more about the FemTech industry as a whole through attending events and listening to podcast episodes to find what resonates with you.

Start by asking yourself about products and services you already use in your everyday life. Ask the women in your life what they are struggling with or products they love using. What about these products do they like, research  companies and keep tabs on products and services of interest. 

Get to know what FemTech companies are operating in your space. Check out our FemTech Database here where we accumulate FemTech companies and update our curation monthly. Start following those companies and joining their communities. A huge part of FemTech is getting involved in the tight-knit women’s health communities. A few great places to start are by attending events by Springboard’s Women’s Health Innovation Coalition, subscribing to FemTech Insider’s newsletter and joining our very own virtual community.

If the start-up life is not for you, you can also look into different paths that still intersect with FemTech including research, becoming a physician or working in pharmaceuticals. Currently looking? Join our community where we have job postings shared by companies and founders in our very own community. 

The women’s health innovation industry is still in it’s very nascent stages and we hope that through up and coming talent swarming into the FemTech scene we’d all be able to work together to continue fighting for women’s health equity through innovation one step at a time. 

If you’re an aspiring founder, check out our article on how to start a FemTech company here.

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Great content! Keep up the good work!

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