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FemTech Focus is a global platform for innovators in women’s health. We are a trusted resource for key stakeholders in the FemTech movement providing disruptive reports and events to move the industry forward.

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FemPro is FemTech Focus’s paid membership. For $14.99 per month, you can access top-notch FemTech resources. Save 33% when you subscribe annually.

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With thousands of FemTech key stakeholders as members, our network is the best place to receive advice, resources, and support.

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FemTech Institute

Participate in our zero-equity, self-guided, virtual FemTech Accelerator. Watch 45+ masterclasses on how to strengthen your business, interviews with industry leaders, and blueprints for FemTech startup fundraising.


New FemTech funding means lots of open positions. Whether you are a student or changing industries, find your new role on our jobs board. Ideal for employers to find candidates passionate for women’s health.


FemTech exploded during the pandemic resulting in a virtual-first industry. Find mentors, investors, & collaborators in our virtual center of gravity for all things FemTech.


Strengthen your pitch deck, investment thesis, or academic reports with clear statistics about the FemTech market (which is not niche!).

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“I became a FemPro member because I was new to this space and wanted to connect with like-minded people. Brittany has been very generous with her resources. I enjoy learning from FemPro and meeting all the FemTech enthusiasts.”

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Founder, Design Angel
“The community you’ve put together is amazing and has already been so helpful to connect with like minded people! Thank you so much for everything you’re doing to help grow this community!”
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Amy D.

Founder, Oova

“…impactful, practical advice and such a welcoming community. Your energy and candidness makes everyone feel comfortable.”
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Melanie D.

FemPro Member
“Your presentation on fundraising strategy earlier today was super helpful. No one else is teaching this stuff! Excited to have a chance to meet even more people in the FemTech community!”
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Vlasta S.

FemPro Member

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