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FemTech Focus Book Club

Susan Stover

Karen Wells

Join our monthly FemTech Focus Book Club the last Wednesday of each month lead by our dynamic facilitators, Susan Stover and Karen Wells. Discuss the literature with fellow femtech enthusiasts from around the world and meet the authors behind the publication! Don’t have time to read a book a month? No problem! Susan and Karen provide expert summaries at the beginning of the meet up. Come join this unique virtual gathering to deep dive into different women’s health issues and opportunities.

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What Members are Saying

“The FemTech Summit was the best event I’ve attended in years.”
– Shelley Bailey, FemTech Founder
“One of the most fun virtual events I’ve been to yet. Huge thanks to everyone who made it successful!”
– Mary Fox, Forbes Business Development Council Member
“This event is the new bar of what you need to provide at a “trade show” to be successful. I loved every minute. Thank you to everyone who helped put this event together.”
– Sheri Wallace, Lactation Expert
“Congratulations on leading such a great event this weekend! It was both inspiring and informative. I’ve already edited our pitch deck to include the $1 Trillion market projection.”
– Vlasta Schutzenhofer, FemTech Founder, FemPro Member
“You have creating an outstanding, insightful, energy-filled, connecting and inspiring event. I thoroughly enjoyed tonight and am grateful to have been able to meet a few of the Femtech Investors in their company breakout rooms.”
– Melanie Derwin, FemTech Founder

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